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    Lisa Levin started Pharmacopia in her garden, literally, harvesting the abundant herbs and creating natural potions, fragrant soaks and healing creams. Her passion for natural health grew into a body care brand that is as healthy as it is beautiful and luxurious.


    Pharmacopia products were developed according to ancient healing wisdom, promoting balance and comfort while delighting the senses. They are luscious formulations using potent anti-oxidants, therapeutic plant extracts and essential oils with no parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates or synthetic colors.

    • No Phthalates | Paraben-Free
    • Recyclable caps & bottles
    • Recycled bottles made with bio enhanced plastic
    Pharmacopia shampoo


    The Pharmacopia amenity collection is available in a wide range of dispensers that offer our customers a cost-effective and sustainable solution that guests will adore. Our dispensers come in various sizes ranging from 225mL up to 500mL and vary in refillable and non-refillable format depending on the dispenser system. Our dispenser options are:

    • Tamper-resistant
    • Available in 3 Unit, 2 Unit, and 1 Unit Fixture options
    Health and Wellness Inside and Out
    Health and Wellness Inside and Out

    Product Details


    • Verbena Shampoo
    • Verbena Conditioner
    • Verbena Body Wash
    • Verbena Body Lotion

    Packaging: 36 mL (1.25  fl. oz)
    Transparent Bottle with Flip Cap

    Packaging: 360 mL (12 fl. Oz)
    Squeeze Dispenser


    Packaging: 360 mL (12 fl. Oz)
    Hunter Amenities Squeeze Dispenser

    Packaging: 237 mL (8 fl. Oz)
    Aquamenities Dispenser​

    Packaging: 237 mL (8 fl. Oz)
    Eco-Eclipse Dispenser​

    Packaging: 360 mL (12 fl. Oz)
    Kure Dispenser​

    Packaging: 570 mL (19 fl. Oz)
    Mosaic Dispenser​


    Packaging: 3.78 L (128 fl. oz)
    White Jug


    • Verbena Facial Bar

    Packaging: 30 g (1 oz)
    Flow Wrap

    • Verbena Bath Soap

    Packaging: 40 g (1.5 oz)


    • Verbena Bath Salts

    Packaging: 35 g (1.25 oz)

    • Carton
    • Vanity Kit
    • Shower Cap
    • Shoe Mitt

    Packaging: Carton


    Paraben Free
    Paraben Free
    CDEA Free
    CDEA Free
    Phthalate Free
    Phthalate Free