Face Stockholm

    In the vibrant 1980s, when neon was the new black, Gun Nowak, our fearless founder, was at the helm of Sweden’s trendiest fashion boutiques. But with every neon outfit, a matching makeup shade was nowhere to be found. Instead of waiting for the world to catch up, Gun thought, “Why not create it myself?” And just like that, in the heart of Stockholm, FACE Stockholm was born in 1982, lighting up the beauty scene.

    As FACE Stockholm blossomed, who better to turn to than family? Enter Martina Arfwidson, Gun’s daughter, bringing her flair for design and a shared love for color. Together, they weren’t just a dynamic duo; they were a force of nature, redefining beauty standards and building an iconic brand.

    For Gun and Martina, FACE Stockholm was never just about cosmetics. It was about the intimate moments shared with every client, the beautiful interactions, and the genuine connections. “Putting makeup on a woman is an intimate dance,” Martina muses. “It’s a glimpse into their soul, a celebration of their true self.” For over three decades, this philosophy has been the heartbeat of FACE Stockholm.

    Gun believes makeup is a playful theater, a canvas where you can be anyone. But at its core, it’s a reminder that every individual is beautiful in their unique way. This deeper purpose, this passion, is what fuels their journey.


    Our mission is to embrace and celebrate yours.
    Our mission is to embrace and celebrate yours.