• emerginc


    emerginC began in 1996 with one of the most stable and effective vitamin C serums available. With a limited budget, no formal marketing plan, and no office—just a Manhattan studio apartment—we built our brand on buzz and grew by word of mouth. Over time, more products emerged and today we have a wide variety of amazing products, facials, and body treatments for all skin types. Never compromising on our commitment to quality and effectiveness, we continue to emerge.

    emerginc products


    We work with top chemists and state-of-the-art labs to incorporate clinically-proven cosmeceutical and medical-grade ingredients, active botanicals, and marine extracts, and we are always on the lookout for new technologies to ensure that, no matter your environment, the best of you keeps emerging. Today, emerginC can be found at THE top spas and doctors’ offices in many countries around the world.

    emerginc hotel dispenser


    Our proprietary dispensers used in conjunction with the Spaza bracket system offers a highly adaptable, environmentally friendly and visually aesthetic solution  for luxury hotels, lounges, cruises and other applications.

    • Tamper Resistant, stainless steel
    • Dispensers available in 3 Unit, 2 Unit, and 1 Unit Fixture options
    • Secure Mounting System requires no drilling