Ecossential Hand Sanitizer

    Ecossential was created for our friends across the border in the USA, responding to the rising needs for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic.  The new range of products include 70% alcohol hand sanitizer, along with that, an amazing alternative is the non-alcohol hand sanitizer, a moisturizing hand wash and bar soap.  As the need continues to grow, we find ourselves developing more options for protection including dispensers, wipes and personal protection kits.


    Our ECOssential™ 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is 99.9% effective in killing germs and is an approved product by the Food and Drug Administration. The alcohol-based sanitizer contains aloe vera to soothe excessive drying of skin and is free of parabens.

    Hand-sanitizers provide several benefits for killing germs and keeping your hands clean, when soap is not available. Sanitizers require less time and act quickly to kill microorganisms on hands. Another benefit of sanitizers is their accessibility, they can be placed in many different settings. For example, our 60mL pocket sized sanitizer is perfect for carrying in a bag or purse, while our higher volume products are great for the home or office.

    MSDS 70% Alcohol


    In accordance to The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Monograph for the Antiseptic skin cleansers, Hunter Amenities has created an alcohol-free, Benzalkonium Chloride-based sanitizer that kills germs and is effective in destroying harmful bacteria to provide antiseptic cleansing.


    The moisturizing properties of our formula and the fact that it does not quickly evaporate requires only a small pea sized drop to be effective.  In fact, our smallest size of 30 milliliters can provide up to 25 uses. 

    MSDS Ecosential Non-Alcohol Sanitizer


    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a, washing hands with soap and water is the best way for people to get rid of germs and protect themselves from getting sick. (1). While hand-sanitizers are also effective, they are unable to kill all types of germs and do not provide protection after the sanitizer solution has dried. Hand-washing with soap reduces the amounts of all types of germs by removing the oily lipid membranes that trap bacteria and viruses. Studies have found that hand washing with soap can reduce the amount of respiratory illnesses in the general population by 16-21% (2,3).

    Blended with special formulations to deeply and thoroughly cleanse, our ECOssential™ Moisturizing Hand Wash helps people and communities stay clean and healthy. This collection supports the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for healthy hands.

    MSDS Hand Soap

    Squeeze dispensers are a  classic dispenser solution, with a modern, sleek and functional design.  It is comprised of the wall bracket and the cartridge bottle.  


    • Made of ABS
    • Resistant to strong impacts
    • May be recycled
    • Key lock mechanism


    • Non-refillable cartridge bottle
    • Made of PCR
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Fitted with safety cap
    • Non-drip valve
    • Easy to clip in/out replaceable bottle
    • Hygienic and prevents contamination


    Kill 99.9% of germ

    Fast and convenient

    Aloe Vera Moisturizes the skin

    Paraben Free

    Our Personal Protective Equipment includes

    • 30mL 70% Alcohol Sanitizer
    • 3 x 70% Alcohol Sanitizer Wipes
    • Fabric Face Mask
    • Protective Latex Gloves
    Healthy Hands Healthy You.
    Healthy Hands Healthy You.

    Product Details


    • Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer
    • 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
    • Moisturizing Hand Wash
    • Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer
      Packing: 1 fl oz (30ml), 1.7 fl oz (50ml), 10.1 fl oz (300ml), 22 fl oz (650ml, 1 gal (3.7L)
    • 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
      Packing: 1 fl oz (30ml), 2 fl oz (60ml), 10.1 fl oz (300ml), 16.9 fl oz (500ml), 33.8 fl oz (1000ml), 1 gal (3.7L)
    • Moisturizing Hand Wash
      Packing: 8.4 fl oz (250ml), 1 gal (3.7L)

    All items may vary due to packaging availability


    • 70% Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes
      Packing: 1ea
      Paper Wrap
    • PPE Kit
      Packing: 1ea
      Clear pouch