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    Mad for sun, sand, and surf, Kim and Zoe Roebuck grew up in the waves of some of Australia’s best beaches… until all that fun in the sun and salty water ended up wreaking havoc on their skin. Their parents – both doctors – dedicated themselves to finding a solution. With the help of a compound chemist, they created a simple but incredibly soothing salve that healed our irritated skin and helped us to feel like ourselves again.

    As years went by, Kim and Zoe grew into passionate advocates of clean beauty. Inspired by their parents’ belief in using minimal ingredients for maximum results, they created Dr. Roebuck’s in their honour. Their range of dermatologist-approved products feature scientifically proven, and ethically & sustainably sourced ingredients, including native botanicals sourced by indigenous communities around Australia.

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    To us, clean beauty means a clean conscience.

    • It means using only the purest botanicals and skin-safe ingredients that have been ethically and sustainably sourced.
    • It means creating simple but scientifically proven formulations that hero minimal ingredients for maximum results.
    • It means no fillers, no nasties, no worries.
    • It means PETA-certified, cruelty-free skincare that does no harm to animals, local farming communities, or the planet.
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    Minimal ingredients, maximum results.
    Minimal ingredients, maximum results.